A Special Message from the DRIE Toronto Board

Dear fellow DRIE Toronto members,

As we now live through unprecedented times, we hope first and foremost that you and yours are well and healthy.

Most, if not all of you are well into the execution of your pandemic and related contingency plans. These are the times for which many of us have planned, trained and exercised for.  Not SARS, not H5N1, not H1N1, have taken us this far.

There is little DRIE may add to the wide coverage of Federal, Provincial and Municipal guidelines and directives. Please follow them; encourage others to take this seriously and do the same. We have one common goal: “flatten the curve”.
As leaders in this profession, we play a critical role during this crisis. So thank you for being ready for this moment! Later we’ll do the reviews and lessons learned, and you can count on us to lead the way.
For now, let’s work together to #flattenthecurve!

DRIE Toronto Board